Erlang systems with extreme availability and reliability

For successful operation and development we offer business system integration solutions to automate your business processes. We create specialized systems that require high reliability and productivity.


When looking for the most appropriate solutions to clients we design unique products, which later apply or adapt to other systems or needs. Our challenge is to offer to the client effective and long-term solution, which is easily compatible with other clients systems.

(final state machine based process manager)

Business process management (BPM) automation making system engine, acting on the basis of the Erlang language and having a number of significant features:

  • Adjusted for most concurent and interacting processes execution;
  • Allowing to simulate processes requiring extremely high availability by using mathematical modeling techniques;
  • Able to run in a distributed system, therefore it is easily expanded;
  • Exploiting the strengths Erlang language - self recovering and error isolation;
  • Due to the high performance (speed of service in real time up to 10,000 proc/sec) can easily cope with complex processes in real time, such as communication, data flow processing energy;
  • Non-invasive, does not require the transformations of existing enterprise IT architecture, operates “next” to the other system functions and coordinating these functions, combining them into a single process.

AxB is erlang based enterprise service bus (ESB), it implements a communication system between mutually interacting software applications in a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

AxB are made up of a number of interoperating components such as adaptors, messaging services, connectors, frameworks, and service containers, depending on what and how different formats and systems must be integrated.

AxB - this integration platform that allows you to quickly create an easy integration structures, tailored to your specific scenario. It creates a stable, standards-based systems and tools that simplify the integration architecture. Open source integration allows to achieve a wider application and flexibility.

AxB sends messages in any communication channel, such as HTTP or JMS and translates them only as needed to route them to the endpoint. As a result, service components and business logic is completely separated from the message format, and does not require message normalization, where potentially formed a bottleneck.


For successful operation and development we offer:

  • Process automation

    We offer business systems integrating solutions. Effectively automating complicated business and technical processes.

  • High availability

    We create specialized systems that require high reliability and productivity. We have experience in implementing systems integration solutions for the telecommunications and energy sectors.

    Reliability ensures fault-tolerance and ability to recover from the unforeseen situation disorganized process.

    The reliability of the communication processing is carried out in the interim report of the processing results of preservation.

    Another mechanism ensuring control and availability is independently operating business process engine (EProc).

  • Monitoring performance

    Monitoring improve the quality of your services and reduce operating costs by avoiding downtime.

    Monitoring provides deep operational insights into your application environment. All relevant metrics, from real user behavior to application performance—including infrastructure, containers, and cloud services—are tracked and visualized in real-time down to each individual transaction.

    Mmonitors and analyzes all of your application’s database activities, providing you with visibility all the way down to individual SQL and NoSQL statements.

  • Software architecture

    Designing BPM systems adhere to the following requirements:

    1. System has to be harmoniously integrated into existing infrastructure maximizing the use of existing IT resources.
    2. The system is composed of separate, stand-alone modules, stand-alone modules that meet the business functions (services). They are relatively easy to modify, changing operational needs.
    3. Individual functions combined into a single operational process of the individual components responsible for all activities of coordinating the process from beginning to end. The whole process logic is moved to Eproc as BPM platform.
    4. The system communicates with other applications through AxB, where retains only logic of messaging between the application.
    5. The system has to meet the high quality requirements, with special emphasis on reliability and availability. All essential components must be duplicated.

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